Princeton Rocks

wood and gas fireplaces

The first significant gold strike in BC was at Granite Creek. This soon led to the discovery of a diversified assortment of metals and minerals in the area. In the late 19th and early 20th century, mines such as Allenby, Copper Mountain, Blakeburn and Mascot Mines extracted and processed these varied treasures. Within an 80km radius of Princeton BC almost all types of rocks in the world can be found, ranging from massive plutons to microscopic crystals. Metals such as antimony to zinc, minerals range from albite to zeolite. Industrial, decorative, precious and semi prescious stones abound. Gold and platinum are found in placer and hardrock.

Exploring, discovering and collecting throughout the region, I buy, sell and trade my exquisite finds. Take the opportunity and allow me to discuss with you and your group an educational and enjoyable discourse, exploring both the history and geology of our unique region. I can demonstrate, train and possibly escort you on a gold panning expedition. I also supply some minerals for educational and/or historical talks, demonstrations or shows. Please contact me for a current list of stock, to discuss an excursion, tour or any other enquiry regarding our spectacular and diversified geological wonders.



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